Old ERF still working

Saw this parked overnight at Carnforth the other night,.thought I’d stepped back into the 80s
Bad photo :roll_eyes:, I cant remeber if it was ‘D’ 86, or ‘G’ 89,.either way it’s over 30 years old and still tramping.

I see it’s the rest cab version , is that still legal with the rules today?
Btw…dont want to drop the lad in it, full marks to him for driving it…So he was deffo booked in a room at the hotel bit of the truckstop…(phew,.think I got away with that.:joy:)

im going to show my ignorance… whats the difference between a rest cab and sleeper cab

The ERF E-series came in three sizes: day cab, rest cab and full sleeper cab. The rest cab had a glorified parcel shelf you could cat-nap on during your break. Here’s the full sleeper version: