Old Animal Feed Mills

Firstly I know it is not an old haulage company, but they did have their own motors.

Can anyone remember the name of the Animal feed mill at Oswestry in the 70’s in Oswestry, I am certain it was on an industrial estate which was a new estate in them days and I seem to remember it was close to Cadwallader’s yard.

They had their own blower trucks for delivering animal feed to farms as well as owner drivers, I seem to remember that they were owned by Cadbury’s chocolate and if I remember right the trucks were painted in a purple and white colour!

Wynnstay ? Gwilt’s ?


Is the OP thinking about Cadbury Marshbrook facility near Leominster?

W L R Gwilt are from Baschurch near Oswestry.

Lloyds Animal Feeds are from Morton,near Oswestry.

Cheers Dave.

Wynnstay ? Gwilt’s ?

And there was Peates animal feeds at Maesbury , who had there own wagons . thank you Trevor .

Criddles used to be on the industrial estate in Oswerstry with Herdsmans dark blue bulkers doing most of the deliveries .Shut down mid 90’s. Neville Peate (oxo3) would be your man to ask. Can’t remember any purple bulkers!

i worked for 1 day at Staffordshire Farmers at Lutterworth,delivering cattle feed,when i first passed my HGV 1.
my apologies to the animals at the 3rd drop that went hungry :frowning: :laughing:

Eurgh I’ve just come out in a rash at the sight of lloyds feed mill. Tipped many a load of biscuit meal in there.