how much

In my previous incarnation as a bus driver there were many occasions doing emergency rail replacement work where I would be paid £125+ (cash) for three hours time on duty . Never been poorer than as a trucker.

Obviously not truck-driving related for that kind of money but I’ve just had a shock. It’s a long story but basically, the house I’m “living” in at the moment isn’t mine and is a friend of friends etc. The guy who’s name it’s in is living with his girlfriend elsewhere and using this address purely for the giro… you know how it is…

However, some bad [zb] has gone down that involves the couple disappearing with a chunk of my money which they won’t return and I am out on the street by 15th unless I find somewhere to live in between. So to get even I shall be dobbing them both into the numerous debt collecting companies telling them their current address, and also the benefits office for the scams they’ve been pulling.

The guy does a couple of hours cleaning a week usually and it’s through Esprit People in Leeds. Just seen his wage slip for past 3 weeks (all 3 the same) :

Hours Rate Amount Tax NI Net pay

2.00 50.00 100.00 1.10 1.26 97.64


I’ve definitely found myself a new career!!! Guess who’s going to be on the phone on Friday morning!!

I should move this really, but I’ll let it stay since it’s a good comparison.L.:wink:

That’s what I thought Luce; make some mouths water :sunglasses:

If you are going into the cleaning game Rob will you be looking for a Scania vacuum cleaner or for that money will you make do with the Renault version? :wink: :smiley: :smiley:

Might be able to cope with the Renault for that. :smiley: Could use a days wage to purchase a nice comfy seat for it :smiley:

:wink: :sunglasses:

:question: How can he be working on a PAYE basis AND in receipt of a giro??

Also, doesn’t the amount of tax deducted seem low?

Amount would be more realistic if it was 20 hours…about the going rate for a cleaning job.

Always my luck…i found out after the event, i could have worked xmas day C1 driving at…wait for it…£48 per hour!!! :cry:

Best wishes for 2004 to you all.


:?: How can he be working on a PAYE basis AND in receipt of a giro??

Because according to the pay slips he is only earning about £5000 per year he may be claiming for various things that he would, I guess, be entitled to. Of course he could just be on some kind of scam. :wink: :smiley:

Also, doesn’t the amount of tax deducted seem low?

Not really, again he is only on £5000 per year so by the time you take tax allowances into consideration not much left to pay tax on.

He’s also claiming incapacity (and receiving it according to his bank statement) of £133.36 every fortnight as well. He will be permanently incapacitated if I ever catch up with him for my money back. :angry:

He must have had the Scania vacuum cleaner then Rob and it has done his back in. :wink: :smiley: :smiley:

per hour dont seem to bother some people, about four years ago i was running a steel erecting gang and although you were paid by the job the hourly rate was unbelievable and when you told people what you were paying and having trouble getting staff they would all say i will do it but when it came down to it they never wanted to.

i was on a job in croydon and my boss had given me the concrete panels which paid £3250 net, and would take three men and a teleporter just over half a day to do it, they are not high bout ten feet tops and all you have to do is wait for the telepoter to put them in pos and then bolt them in two botls each end, not hard eh?

My boss said that he would pay us this if they were in by the next day, so i went to my staff and said that i would give them an equal share if they did it which was just over a grand each now it was raining but we had a caravan on site and water proofs etc so did they do it?


It’s probably a daily rate so he’s worked 2 days at £50 a day - I used to have a payslip like that

I know where you’re coming from Dave, but it IS definitely only 2hrs work. He does one Wednesday 6pm to 8pm every week! Still going to be making some enquiries :sunglasses:

I would say the wage is another scam, he is obviously doing something very doggy and the pay slip is a cover.