O licence question

Hi all

Does anyone know of a debt management plan will stop me getting an o licence?



Nope. You just have to have the money and thats it

Cool thanks

Was just reading through the for and it was on about bancroupsy and voluntary insolvency.

what vladzzka says is not quite true, you do not have to have the monies in cash, you only need to show you have access to the prescribed amount, this could be as the limit on a credit card or agreed credit limit with a bank or other money lender.

what about family

You need to put together an convincing argument that will pursuade the TC that you are satisfying the financial criteria. As long as he accepts that your family are an acceptable method of proving finance you are fine.

It’s all a bit of a nonsense when our east european cousins don’t have to do anything of the sort. Think it’s a €20 insurance policy in some counties.

Stand to be corrected but seem to remember that from an ex BG operator.

Doesn’t answer your question I know but thought what the hell.

The only constructive comment I would have is that if you have been involved in a liquidated or other company that had to cease trading for whatever reason, declare it to the TC. They will find out eventually and make life difficult.