sorry if topic has been covered before but gaffer is looking for some of us to sign up for nvq course and we need some info please any advantage to us for doing it and will it be compulsive for all drivers to do it in future anyway?

coop paid for us to be put through level2 they are about to put people through level 3 think there is some kind of goverment funding at moment for it fairly easy to do quick assement of driving then all questions and you get pictures of ya truck and point out things on it and sizes of truck … questions are what you are doing day in anyway , load safety safe driving checks things like that

typical transport vague to the enth degree

Dox do you work for J I T

driver are impulsive repulsive but never compulsive when it comes to courses

the NEW CPC (nvq)will compulsory in a few years time

If the boss is paying grab it with both hands. If it’s anything like the French one it won’t be hard for an experienced driver and could come in handy when everyone is rushing at the last minute :wink: .