Numpty car driver.Part two

This is what occured north bound M1.Slow car going along at 49 mph.Signs flash of a queue on the slip road.
Traffic that wants to exit gets to the left of the hard shoulder to avoid being hit by faster traffic in lanes one and two.
Mr Numpter appears to want to exit but has left it too late and is stationary in lane one about to get hit up the rear end as nobody can be bothered to let him in.
But Numpter was not exiting anyways.He failed to react to the warning signs.Failed to see that two lanes were grinding to a halt ahead.Failed to get out of the way.
Do some folks not have a licence.He was near to causing a pile up in his cheap and nasty Jap car.

If there was a common sense test to be a driver then I reckon he would not have a licence - that probably goes for many others on the road

Some seem to be in a dream world.Unaware of what is going on around them.When the signs come up to indicate to use the hard shoulder they are too scared to move in to it creating jams behind them.
It should be a fine for doodlers on a motorway.

Don’t you think though, anyone going faster than you is a maniac and anyone going slower that you is a poddle arse. Somehow you mange to maintain exactly the right speed for the road and conditions

Some thing very similar happened to me southbound on the M1 J 39 except the numpty wasn’t going slow. I was in the middle lane because of the near stationary traffic turning off at the junction, numpty came past me in lane three, moved into lane two in front of me with the intention of turning off the motorway, realised he couldn’t so slammed on the brakes and stopped in lane two. He was very lucky I managed to stop before I hit him but it was a close run thing. The numpty was a driving instructor for Red Box driving school.

We all see nearly fatal Rtc’s on a daily basis.But when it goes wrong the Lgv driver is always to blame.
Local papers always say a lorry or Hgv was the cause of the Rta, then at the last paragraph it reports the Ford Transit driver was arrested at the scene.
Dive bombers that follow me then overtake to shoot off at the next exit miss my front bumper by inches.
It must be a national sport as it is catching on all over the UK.