Number of vehicles stopped by VOSA falls 20%

A recent Freedom of Information Request showed that in 2011/12 a total of 100,961 vehicles were stopped by VOSA. Roughly 47% of these were registered in Great Britain and Northern Ireland with 8% from Poland and Southern Ireland in 3rd place with 3%. The report also showed that in the period 2012/13 some 20,159 fewer vehicles were stopped, around 20% less.

Interestingly the average percentage of vehicles stopped from each individual country remained around the same for both periods.

That blows all the conspiracy therists arguments about being self funded out the water. Thats 270+ motors a day.
Do you have any stats for yard visits?

Not really though.

They will cut all the things they’re supposed to do long before the management and executives cut their own jobs.

They cut back on the costs of running checkpoints, test stations, regional offices and sending out hard copies of Moving On to operators and you’ll just end up with a cluster of well paid management roles in a central office in Leeds.

This will go on until a senior minister is inconvenienced with negative press related to road transport issues and then discovers, left to their own devices, the organisation has gone to crap.