NR Evans, Foston

Have done a few agency jobs for them, but saw they are recruiting in the local rag - seemed ok, but wondered if it s any different if full time…■■?

offering 4 on 4 off, or 5 on 3 off shifts - between 112 and 120 per shift…



i think 4 on 4 off is a cracking offer. :laughing: i would go for that option.

jessicas dad:
i think 4 on 4 off is a cracking offer. :laughing: i would go for that option.

I agree…on this shift pattern, you only work half the year! In fact it’ll be less when you figure in holidays etc. The only drawback is that you’ll end up working quite alot of weekends.

Good luck if you go for it.

When NR Evans took over Canvinsseveral years ago, most of Canvins drivers left in the end. I did agency throughout the whole change. About 2 years ago, I did a couple of runs to the abbatoir in Bedford and I couldn’t believe how much they’d run down the transport. There was a row of knackered trailers down one fence, the office portacabin had disappeared and they had a poxy room in the main building. The “nice shiny volvo” I was given had a shedload of problems and they’re still using the trailers I was pulling 14 years ago although with new signage on the side.

There’s some drops I used to go to where you were expected to help them handball sides of beef off the back. One drop was a pokey farm. Also, if you ended up at Bedford, you ended up nighting out in the carpark outside. BUT THE WORST ONE was when they sent you up to Scotland. You ended up being stuck up there doing shuttle runs between a Safeways packers at Ayr to an abbatoir at Saltcoates 2-3 days at a time, living on chip butties etc for days on end cos there was nowhere to get a decent meal. Because of the hours everything worked up there, you got a basic 8 in.

Main thing is though that they do a lot of abbatoir work so if seeing cows heads in skips and pretty little lambs waiting to get slaughtered isn’t your thing, you may want to look elsewhere. At Bedford especially, right next to where you wash the trucks off is the blood outlet from the killing rooms.

All the stuff at Foston is Milk for Dairy Crest - Delivering to Morrisons supermarkets - the Trucks and Trailers have always been good - the biggest pain was the supermarkets themselves… being kept waiting while they unload morrisons trucks (even if your their ahead of them).

have done an application, will have to wait and see now

money dont seem to bad but bare in mind you will do max hours a lot of the time due to a lot of the morrison stores having delivery resrictions so you might be there early say 6 but cant unload till gone 9 as they open at 8 but morrison drivers have priority. some are short shifts to but as agency i never saw them :cry:

it is milk deliveries and moving them cages about are a pain, but not so bad as loading the empties,and then manovering them around for the next drop.

most of the empties are stored at the bottom of ramps

expect for some cages to fall over and you to be picking up bottles from all over

all in all though to be honest it aint to bad a job and fairly well organised but was to far from home for me to do it regular

It would also help if you are totally unsympathetic to equipment, it seems to be a pre-requisite for getting a job there. If I saw anyone drive any vehicle of mine like that, then words would be spoken :open_mouth:

Such as burn outs & do-nuts in Hilton depot, seeing how fast you can drive over speed humps and attempting to change gear while revving the knackers off the engine.

You can see the video at Hilton gatehouse