Nottinghamshire Agencies?

After 5 weeks of banging my head against a brick wall together with being messed around by a couple of haulage companies, I’ve now come to the point of almost giving in or… Take the uncertainty of agency work (Class 2 new pass).

The companies in question, which I won’t name both contacted me in the past two weeks only to go see them at their request and then either totally blanked all attempts of contact or tell me there’s no work right now.

So, at the great risk of asking silly questions… Does anyone know of good, to their word agencies in the Nottinghamshire area? I have a mortgage, kids and car payments to pay so cannot afford to be out of work any longer, I need the hours.

Failing this, I may have to accept that I have wasted a lot of time and money chasing a dream job that isn’t there and end up working in a well known restaurant (which again, I wont name) at this rate. And I wont be loving it!!

Call our office Monday and ask for the agency contacts we have.

And if they mess you about, less us know and I’ll take it up with the agency myself.

Pete :laughing: :laughing:

Thanks Pete, will do.

PS The voucher got delivered today, so a big thanks for that too :slight_smile:

Eclipse Recruitment agency are in Notts.

Nottingham Office
Foxhall Lodge
Foxhall Road
Tel: 0115 845 6429

I worked for them for a couple of years when newly passed class 2 driver and they gave us some good work, some not so good but that is how it is with agency’s especially when your a new driver. Overall they were good at giving me work and kept us busy doing most of my rigid driving with RH Freight, now K+N. When I did my CE, again they kept us busy doing various contracts including Royal Mail runs close to Xmas which was great work. That was a few years ago and now I am with a Derby agency since I am from Derby. You got nothing to lose in contacting them, it’s your choice. Good Luck.