Not sure whether to go for C&E whilst I have the Money?

“Morning Fellas”

I came out the Forces over a year ago and at the time Invested all my resettlement in Road haulage despite at the time losing both parents within that year and coming out of a career Id done for twenty four years, I managed to pass everything. All said I really struggled holding a job down, I cant blame the companies, just myself. Found the jobs really difficult, even sank my HIAB truck on a verge at one point :blush: and the dust carts was ridiculous, reversing 90% of the time all service roads, worrying about low bridges because your not sure if a satnav is telling the truth, lol. Not finding your drop offs because they are new build housing estates, so they aren’t on any maps?

What I’m trying to decide is whether to go for my Class 1? There is a lot of aspects that still appeal to me about Haulage, working on your own, time away from family :stuck_out_tongue: and the money is pretty good. I see a lot of Trunking Jobs advertised for Class 1 and presuming its long haul driving up and down the country, which negates the whole driving Trucks around residential areas that aren’t built to support the size of Class 2 Trucks :unamused:

Thanks for reading.

If you get a class 1 you’ll earn more money and have more job options, go for it.

If I had the money i,d go for it tomorrow…i,Ve done building sites …well fields before they became building sites …not easy at times, but I enjoy the challenge

if you have the money go for it. class 1 jobs seem easier to come by than just class 2 work, plus its better money. do it now while you still can

Thank you for the comments chaps. I am leaning towards the Idea of booking the course before the other half spends it! :laughing:

Don’t think all artic jobs are just trunking jobs there are a lot of big wagons going to places that where built when big trucks where smaller than your rigid and they still have to be done