Not Good

Just saw this on facebook :frowning: … ec-79.html

What are we looking at here? I click the link and it takes me to a Slovakian version of the daily record.[emoji3]

Huge family tragedy: In an accident killed daughter († 50) and father († 79)

Looks like the truck that Switchlogic used to drive :frowning:
(Same company I think)

:open_mouth: I didn’t even notice it was a Virginia truck as I only looked at the first image briefly, nothing in the report of the Virginia driver being injured and it certainly doesn’t look like he was at fault (according to the report the deceased Punto driver swerved to avoid another vehicle putting it into the trucks path).

I’ve noticed you need to click on the link through your browser to get the story the OP is on about. Clicking on it through Tapatalk seems to take you to a different page.

Sorry should have added a bit more , yes virginia truck