Not as fresh as it was!

Anyone see the Morrisons artic completely toasted on the M1 north by Woodall Services? Driver managed to park it directly under one of those expensive looking traffic information signs so that went up in flames as well, destroyed. MMMMELTY.

yeah ive just pulled in woodall s/b and seen it!!any idea if the driver got out ok?its a proper mess!!

Don’t forget northbound will be closed from 9pm tonight.

Don’t buy any roast pork from morrisons for a few days. :laughing:

I saw it about 3pm, what a mess!! Was unlucky to stop right under the matrix though!! How long they shutting the M1 for?

yep see it abot 12 ish , couldnt way up what had happened to matrix til i got closer , then saw morrisons truck burnt out.

Ouch, their insurance company will be in for a big bill, can’t even begin to imagine how much they charge for a matrix sign given the fact it’s the government who pay for these so probably about £10,000,000 each (GATSOs are about £30K I think).

Matrix was flashing

Vehicle Fire

/ / / /

:grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing:

Fair play to the clear up chaps as the truck and the whole matrix sign was completely cleared when I went back up that way at the same time today. Just a dirty great streak along the hard shoulder is all that’s left. I’m sure the driver was uninjured as there didn’t seem to be anything else involved, i’d say at the first sign of smoke he just parked it and legged it.

it must be catching, see a eldis one up in flames today on the a1, driver had managed by the look of it to save the unit, but trailer well alight

When I was working for Blakes we had one catch fire on the M6 up near Preston. It was raining when he saw the smoke so he stopped under a bridge so he wouldn’t get wet.

Of course this meant that the M6 and the road over the bridge were closed for a couple of hours while they sorted it out.

happened to me years ago on the A1 at darrington,amazing how fast you can wind a set of legs down when the trailers ablaze :laughing:

If the trailers ablaze I wouldnt worry about the legs,

just do the red airline and pull the pin :exclamation: