Northern Ireland Trailers, Preston Dock

Does anyone have any photos of Northern Ireland Trailers lorries at work?

They had a very distinctive livery of black and primrose yellow, and the logo on the cab doors showed the west coast of England and the east coast of Northern Ireland, and a zebra crossing across the Irish Sea with a Belisha beacon on each shore.

Latterly, the fleet was predominantly Atkinson with some ERFs and one solitary Leyland Marathon, although many Leylands were operated in earlier years.

There are a few surviving ex-N.I.T. motors, including my own Atkinson Rear Steer, but none have been returned to their original colours.

N.I.T. was merged with Ferrymasters (Ireland) in 1975 to form Pandoro, with operations at a new base in Fleetwood.

I have - but I suppose you already knew that…

I have - but I suppose you already knew that…

Well, yes - I hope I’ve seen them all!!

I remember those tri axle trailers,the rear axle was a floater and had to be locked with a peg before they could be backed in,I worked for killingbecks it was in the 60s they advertised as tractor transport specailists and pulled a lot of NITs stuff lots of spuds (what else from Northern Ireland ) never took any photo’s just never had the time, thanks Harry long retired