North weald

Accident on the approch rd to airport to night, looked like car went under trailer, lorry turning round on the little slip rd, probley help stop the parking, more ammo in there armoure

The car hit the back of an eight wheeler Volvo bulk tipper, the chap hit it that hard on his passenger side that it knocked the rear axle of the tipper forward. His car was a mess with the front nearside of the car pushed right up to the bulkhead.

There was lots of grumbling about trucks parking on the road, wont be long before all overnighting is banned on this particular road. Leaving our yard at North Weald at 0430 the other morning I had to pass 23 parked artics parked nose to tail on the nearside in the early morning fog.

I very nearly had a head on with a car coming the other way out of the gloom. With overnight parking costing around £30 on the services it is little wonder we have to find quiet areas on ind est’s to park. I foresee the double yellows being applied very soon at this location.

So because a f&*%wit runs into the back of a truck us drivers have to suffer. Nobody has to put up with as much ■■■■ in their job as what we do aslong as the place kept tidy and clean surely there is not a problem .

If only some did leave the place clean and tidy. The ever present bottles of pee, and food wrappings left on the side of the road…plus the bellend who regulary parks in one of the emergency crashgates spoils it for everyone.