North Weald Airfield Parking

Does anyone know if it’s ok to park for the night on Melin Way on North Weald? Any trouble with curtains being slashed?

I’ve got a tip in Ongar at 12 tomorrow but I’m heading down there now.

Any other places that I could park would be greatly appreciated.


Make the most of it, due to a few accidents where residents and an airfield employee or two have piled into the back of parked trucks, there is talk of double yellows being introduced. I work out of the airfield and sometimes there are twenty or so artics nose to tail overnighting. Some Shipley transport artics do changeovers and drop trailers that are left overnight . Interesting on foggy mornings trying to get past them all, especially on the bends !

Used to be a smaller lorry parking area at bottom end of Ongar, by 2 brewers pub, think it’s still car parking but development slashed its size unfortunately

There’s absolutely loads of space on that airfield why not use it properly and put a shower block and canteen on it? Ive stayed inside after loading out of a warehouse there and it’s not a bad walk to the local pub and Chinese was ok.