North Rode Vintage Show

A small but interesting show. Not so many commercials but a load of other old & fascinating memorabilia. It suffered from the usual lack of signposting but we’re getting used to that!

The Thorneycroft dates from around the end of the first World War and is almost complete.
This bulker looks as if it should be in the “oldies still earning a crust” thread, but then you look in the back…

A well-used but still capable local ERF.
A smart old Comet from Buxton.
Another local vehicle, ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ ERF from Rushton Spencer. (It’s a village, not the owner’s name!)

I know- the captions are the wrong way around. It’s my age!

Came over today ROF got there about 1230 and stayed a good 2hrs +. Had the youngest grandson with me ,like you say not to well signposted but all in all a decent day out.I have put some photos on the old time lorries & companies 2013 vehicle rallies thread.

We probably passed each other at some point. At least I will recognise the grandson next time- just make sure he’s wearing the same outfit!
The weather contributed to a really pleasant day. I was surprised that former hauliers, Woodward’s weren’t in attendance with their wealth of old vehicles and machinery- they are only about a mile down the road.

bet it gets warm in that bulker when the sun is out

I don’t think I would like to trust that back door there is surely something else holding it up forbye that flimsy looking support. Eddie.

The tailgate is raised & held by a small hydraulic ram, Eddie. That flimsy-looking stay is, in fact, a quite substantial piece of telescopic box section.