North East Drivers Reunion, 6th April at The Labour Club In The Toon, Regards Larry.

should be there after dropping granddaughter off at trampoline

Don’t drop her from too high :wink:

Not after just retuning from a PCL injury will try not too :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

just found me way back on to site , what a palaver , anyway how are you? and yes you can count me in for 6th , look forward as usual to normal services being resumed again and see you all at Newcastle take care and cheers ,Paul

Thats great Paul, Kevin let me know as well as Jimmy, See you there, Regards Larry.

Hi , Larry cheers for that ,hope you and Jimmy are both well ,looking forward to the 6th ,dragging my mate along again as he had a great time at last one and any excuse for a few beers he,ll be there, ,take care and see you all soon, Paul

Sadly an old Van Hee driver has passed away, So the drivers do on the 6th April has been postponed ,So I will post the new date in due course, RIP,Big Biil Brady, Regards Larry.

Very sad news ,condolences to family and friends of Bill. and his work colleagues hope he receives a good send off …RIP., Regards Paul.

Well I do hope that the drivers who attend our reunions all know about the date change, But by the looks of things the way TNUK Has changed Im not holding my breath, Regards Larry.

Oh Dear, I must have another large singel Malt, While Im waiting for some responce to my request for the the drivers do, Heres Hoping , Larry.

Hi Larry have one for me. i have tried loads of times to find any of the regular sites being visited or comments added and to say its bleak is an understatement. where’s Kev or Animal or Bewick and other regular posters, sad loss to not have regular contact hope we can still keep in touch and hope its not long till next get together, going to pub instead ,take care sir and see you soon ,P

Good news I have just recieved the new Drivers Do date, its the 20th of April, So hopefully the word will get around, Regards Larry.

Should be there

Also just spoke to Kev

Thats good news Ang, Keep up the good work , Regards Larry X.

ms everything has gone