Normanton ind est now a no overnight zone

Well all good things must come to an end, 7.5t zone overnight now. Congrats to the ■■■■■■■■ and rubbish tippers. Another handy spot gone .

Yeah I noticed all the new shiny signs when I parked there last night! Luckily I was bobtail and managed to squeeze in on the forecourt of that place on the right off the road. Did notice 6 or 7 others parked on the road as usual but couldn’t see any tickets on them as I left this morning.

Even on the side of the estate where wisemans is ■■?
Shame if it’s all the estate always a handy spot

The whole lot, except the layby off the round about.

The whole lot, except the layby off the round about.

Well that just about buggers the whole area up. :frowning:
Spent a lot of nights there in the pub and club and then using the takeaways,really is a shame,but if it’s down to litter then it’s drivers ruining it for drivers again.
I also wonder how long until wakefield 41 park ends up the same.

It’s absolutely drivers, some mornings setting off I’d think, “Christ, this is going to come to an end shortly”

Thats shocking ,its a massive estate aswell,we get on about travellers on tnet and we get tret the same as them , moved on for making a mess ,not wellcome :blush: :blush: :blush:

If it’s enforced it will be interesting in a years time to look at the crime figures for this estate. I’ve always thought that the presence of overnight parked trucks would deter building burglary to a large extent.

Of course the counter argument is that all those parked vehicles attract the curtain cutters etc.