Norfolkline / DFDS


Anyone got any information what these guys are like to subbie for?, have a good friend that doesnt “do” computers really that has been asked if he fancies pulling for them, I said I would put a post on here and someone can usually pass an opinion - good or bad or by “PM” if you prefer!

Thanks :smiley:

Last I heard out of felixstowe on curtains it was £1.30 per mile for traction, this was January time though. May have gone up… :laughing:

Probly get the miles in though so £520 a day say. Maybe a bit of faffing around with drops though. Gonna be tramping, doubt you can double bang it.

Fridges may be a better crack.

Up to your mate what he’s used to earning.

I’ve never pulled for them.

Where ya from Ridd? From the Belfast side it be hard getting good runs, there all ■■■■■■■ id say, maybe a load of groupage ■■■■■ but the guys are spot on in the office.

If it’s from Felixstowe it’s one of the better trailer firms to work for, very efficient and always pay on time. The only trouble is they have alot of charter trucks from gma and Magnus taking much of the good work!


Thanks for the info, my friend is from West Yorkshire - Leeds to be precise but I am not sure which depot he has been offered work through…he will be ringing me later anyhow so I might be able to get a bit more info!!

Sounds like they are not to bad as a company though, as if people have really negative views thay tend to try and get them across pretty quick which is helpful too!!

i worked for Norfolk Line Felixstowe, nice people in the office, work is ok, a lot of one hitters, some groupage, its usually loaded in order as well! Id imagine your mate would be working from Immingham, most work is up north from there, the southern work goes into Felixstowe. Trailers are mostly Schmitz with a few Krones, apart from a few old ones they have all got back doors as opposed to a sheet which you lace up. Fridge work is ok, mostly they come in on the early morning boat so plenty of early starts with those.
You will prob have to have a bit of a go at them to get them to keep you busy, once you get sorted with that you will find its a good job. Id rather be doing N-Line than what im doing now to be honest.


I pull for the office in vlaardingen out of immingham mostly occasionally felixstowe as has already been said good company to work for payments always on time keep me busy plenty of scotch work with reefers and tauts all in all i very happy with them :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
the reefers at immingham come in on morning boat docks at 6 but they usually on top deck off by 8ish unless goin up scotch then come in day before

Sent you a pm mate!! :smiley: