Hi all.
I have decided to chase a life long ambition and start training. A few years back I passed my theory, hazard perc and cpc but they have expired as I could not continue. However the time is right so ONWARRRRD :smiley:

I used to go out with my dad on some of his journey around the country and caught the bug then. He was a driver for many years until one day he had a blowout and lost control. That was that. Anyway I have the urge to follow in his footsteps, but not literally lol. Do any of you kind sirs have any info on good trainers in the newcastle, north east area?

Thanks in advance.

Done some research and I think I will go with tyneside training services. All will have their pro’s and con’s i guess.

The pro’s are good. Watch out for the cons though. Plenty of them in this industry!

Pete :laughing: :laughing:

I would check their claims against before you go any further.

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I went with System Group near Carlisle Airport (virtually Brampton) and they are DSA accredited and very professional. I know it’s a bit of a drive over from you, and there is likely someone good nearer.

Is the trainer you are talking about the same as the one in this post: Newcastle Newbie seeks info / advice etc - NEW AND WANNABE DRIVERS (INTERACTIVE) - Trucknet UK
Not sure if “Tyneside” and “Tyne and Wear” are the same people or not?

Please take your time choosing a trainer - it is (likely) over £1000 you are talking about spending and standard advice is to go for an assessment (cheap or even free) to check out the vehicles, the trainers, the attitudes, and whether you feel right about it.

Best of luck! Tim

I appreciate the info, thank you both.
BTW Pete your setup looks the bees knees, nice one!

If you can survive a few days away from home, Pete does residential courses and you would qualify for it to be no extra cost (far enough away). Just a thought.

BTW Pete your setup looks the bees knees, nice one!


Pete :laughing: :laughing:

Yea I was thinking about the residential. Would definitely consider it.

I did residential back in the late 70s for my first ever licence using a 7.5 tonner !

We did all day shared driving but if it had only been half days then I think I would have got bored with so much free time on my hands

back in the 70s you didn’t have ipads and facebook :smiley: