Noob driver in Spain

Im an expat living in Spain for 8 years.

Going back to the UK soon to get my cat c and c+e licences (Spanish okish but not up to taking test) as a last ditch attempt to find work since the housing market collapsed.

What is the chance for a new (42 year old) driver to find work? Are there agencies here specifically for drivers? Anyone got up-to date contacts?

If this doesnt work I´m back to Blighty :frowning: to get experience then maybe try elsewhere in the world. :smiley:


So ‘Schrodingers Cat’, are you alive or are you dead. or is the forum about Quantum Physics.

This aint really the game to get into mate, especially with no experience, sorry.

Hi Diesel

I will never know unless someone opens the box although it sounds like Daf is betting on the poss that I´m dead.

Daf I am specifically asking about Spain as I´m fairly sure that my pro-active attitude to getting work will get me something to count as experience in the future (basically I will go out and be a complete ■■■■■) in the UK.

I´m a bit worried :open_mouth: though as I see that Hombre was out of work a little while ago despite having a good amount of experience out here. Would like to here if you got anything Hombre.

Thanks for the input guys.

If you’re based in Almeria then you might get workm with one of the fruit and veg transporters, but to be honest with you most places won’t take you on without 1-2 years HGV driving experience.

**:D :smiley: :smiley: Welcome Maidstoned Aguila :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:**