Nobby dentressangle

had to laugh this morning.

I applied online for work as a driver - through their own website using their own options and settings for job I want. it even tells you how fantastic it all is, what’s in it for me and so on.

today the letter arrives - “sorry, we don’t recruit drivers here at HQ - contact our warehouses directly, or french agencies and ask to work as an england-based driver. please find attached a list of sites who’ll employ drivers and of french agencies we use”.

only 2 sites in the UK who do their own recruiting! :open_mouth:
(incidentally, too far away to be of use to me).

so if I want to drive out of the huge ikea depot on the M18 just 20 miles from my front door, I have to register in France! :laughing:

Time to brush up on your French then :laughing:

Norberts only run the warehouse for Ikea.If you want to run out of there,get in touch with Norfolk Line

If you work for Nobby-DingleDangle over the water, be prepared to be away from home for quite a while.
I’ve had friends work on there, and the office kept them in France running around for 6 weeks constant.

The ones doing continental on British trucks have been replaced with Polish drivers now. All made redundant on Christmas eve 04 and the Poles arrived on Jan 2nd 05. If they have any British drivers left on international work, they must be on French trucks or something.