Nitrogen filled tyres

Has anyone any experience of nitrogen filled tyres and what are the advantages and disadvantages

The firm i work for use nitrogen in the tyres but on my premium 6 wheeler i still can’t see any difference even after 2 years

nitrogen filled tyres dont leak air as quick as normal compressed air…

Nitrogen is used in some racing car tyres because air contains water vapour so is inconsistant as the tyres get warm and the water vapour expands. F1 uses air run through special compressors that dry the air making it as reliable as using nitrogen.
So maybe it also used to control make the pressure in the truck tyre more consistant and therefore less likely to have a blow out.

tyres are very slightly porus and oxegon(compressed air) has small particals that can go thorugh the small holes in rubber…nitrogen has bigger particals and cannot so easily get through the rubber.
Thats the basic english version i got a tech sheet somewhere with all the proper tech names(read big worded stuff)
Also as muckles said

I decide to Google it and found this on the subject. Those of you who listen to Radio 5 Live at night will know this website has something to do with Dr Chris Smtih who is on near the start of the week. Or you could just phone Dr Karl when he’s on and give him an easy question!

I think regular pressure checks are the way to go.

Fill with Nitrogen and forget - no thanks.

Or you could get something like this. .

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cat eyes are the best can tell every time a tire is low :stuck_out_tongue: