Nights out

I hate my current job. I’ve been doing it for 3 months and it’s deffinately not for me. I want to get back into class 1 work. Most jobs seem to involve nights out but I’ve never done them. How do you guys deal with them.
I’ve got a young family and I very much love my wife. Will I survive a job with nights out?

There’s a fair few jobs about that don’t include nights out you need to find one of these, personally myself i do about one or two a month (got one tomorrow actually) but i’m not a lover of them i just do them in and out to make a change.

Personally, I love nights out. I’m currently looking for work that provides guaranteed all week every week. It’s different now than when I first started 17 years ago. With mobile internet, Skype, FaceTime etc you don’t really miss much.

Some drivers sleep better in the cab than at home.
Even in a busy truckstop, the noise dies down and you nodd off to sleep.
It is Marmite, some like it, some do not.
To start off with pack light and what you really need to take.
Take too much, and the cab gets claustophobic.

Except the ‘comforts’ of home.

For me it depends on the lorry I’m in. If it’s a nice new fh or somthing similar I’m more then happy but if it’s a crappy bog standard heap of ■■■■ then no thanks.

I dreaded nights out when I started this job. Now 14 months in and happily doing 4/5 a week. Young family etc too, pays well and provides for them,and makes weekends that bit more special.
Each to their own I’d say. You either like it or you don’t.

If i never do another night out that’ll suit me fine, one in the last 3 years when i got seriously delayed.

Each to their own, some relationships need a bit of space, others thrive on togetherness, the only person can that answer the question is the one it applies to.

Yeah I’d defo recommend packing light, iphone, ipad, Led TV, all my stuff fits in a large holdall with a holdall for the clothes too. Too many times as it taken me 4 hrs + to cab hop.

Wow nights out just what Im looking for…

Most motorway services have showers or at loading or unloading depots,they have showers to use.
Sometimes,there is no time,so many take baby wipes instead.
With nights out,there is no commuting to get to work.
You get to know the best places to park up.
Which places offer decent food for drivers.
Most truckstops are full from 18.00 onwards or telephone ahwad to reserve a parking space.
For security,try not to park alone.
When parking up for the night, make a note of where you are parked.
If get disturbed in the night with fuel thieves or load robbers,at least you can give the location when calling the Police.
Ask the employer to sign up to Snap.
This means the driver does not pay for parking.

Typical truckers answers and i am one of the worst,nights out are ok at first but do get a bit boring after the excitement dies down.
different scenery to wake up to
see most of the uk and being paid for it
meeting people from everywhere.
struggling and finding all the new delivery places which is a joy
never really knowing where your going next.
bit of time to yourself

i am on my 3rd marriage (love wedding cake …not) all due to stress and strains of the job (unless she gives you full support and you can Fully trust her whilst you away ,then its a no no, they do get bored if your not there and someone else is available to pay attention to her and her needs(no bull its the truth)
she also needs to have a life after the kids are sorted
she will expect you to be a full on family man at weekends,no pub with mates
you will miss your kids growing up and being there when they really need you.
when you get older most photos of your family will be missing one person…YOU.
jobs that need doing around the house won’t get done.

and on and on

Most guys on here will agree , if your job pays the bills and gives you a good home life then don’t change, if after that and you still want to tramp then maybe married life is not for you.
sorry to be putting a downer on it but 44 years on the road teaches you some stuff.
good luck in making your decision but only you and her can really do that and if you choose to do it i sincerely hope your marriage will “survive” but to what degree no one knows.

I love nights out because there’s no commute to work and i get paid for it, it’s win win for me anyway :smiley:

I love nights out because there’s no commute to work and i get paid for it, it’s win win for me anyway :smiley:

I love nights out because there’s no commute to work and i get paid for it, it’s win win for me anyway :smiley:

Exactly ^^^^^


I love nights out because there’s no commute to work and i get paid for it, it’s win win for me anyway :smiley:

Exactly ^^^^^

so neither of you is married with a young family :open_mouth:

so nether of you is married with a young family :open_mouth:
I am, but my kids are near enough grown up at 17 & 19. Apart from the last 2-3 years I’ve been on permanent nights away since leaving school.

seems you and yours struck the right chord then, thats great,you must have a fantastic relationship which most people would be proud of. good for you :smiley:

Strck the chord yes but fantastic? Ha haa can’t live with em can’t live without em. I do half n half,

Love nights out done normally by 5pm showered fed and feet up, sat there watching everyone else rush about thinking “daft lot rushing around lol”.
Girlfriend is fine with it always ring her before im off to sleep so its all good