Night time changeovers

One thing i hate about working nights is having to do change overs at stupid o clock in the morning, for example had to change over in Lymm lastnight and luckily the only space left was next to a driver who happened to still be awake but the trailer that i picked up was next to a sleeping wagon and drag. Anyone any tips on making quieter change overs or is speed the key get it over and done with and get outta there

i know exactly what you mean, i had to do 1 at crewe truckstop the other night which is a fraction the size of lymm, the only way of being abit quieter is careful control of the air suspension so you dont hit the pin to hard, like you said speed is the key! In and out

I stayed at gordano services the other week, cost £22.50 and bloody royal mail where doing change overs all night. it’s not on that this is allowed to happen, especially when the services and charging for you to park up overnight.

if poss do the changeover in the car parking area. :wink: