Night gear..

Considering doing some nights out and wondering where you get hold of some decent kit like splitters and microwaves and fridges etc. can anyone advise?


Another thig ive been thinking about also. I bought myself a grip bag from jd sports 20 quid last week. Starting to put bag together. As you know the snooper s8000 im going for. Heavy duty rigger gloves of ebay. Cargo work trousers of amazon. Boots etc. The likes of those mini fridages etc. Ebay mate id say :smiley:

am looking at 12v fridges on halfords, most people use them for camping. not too pricey

ta la

Yeah halfords would them. I checked ebay. Range from £25 to £70. Not bad

do you know what this business of a ‘dropper’ is all about. it lets you go from 24v to 12v apparently. is this so you can leave the thing running all night? does it need to run all night? will this not kill the battery??

so many things i dont know :blush:

Not sure mate. Think its so one dosnt drain the other. Am sure sombody else will be along soon to answer that one

A dropper 24-12 does what it says, 24 volts in 12 volts out.

Truck voltage is 24, the dropper is used to power stuff you have that requires 12 volts.

In inverter (24-230) will take 24 volts in and output 230 volts for items that require it (mains)

Important to check the current draw ( amps - watts) of items you are going to connect to any of the above devices, also when conneting any of the above devices to the truck make sure you connection point is up to it, fuse wise.

Hope that helps a bit :slight_smile:

As a guide a 300 watt 24 volt inverter should run fine of the 24 volt socket in truck, this will power tv, lappy ect.