Night closures

Anyone know if M1 is closed Northbound Friday from J 19 to J of M62? And if M62 is closed westbound? I seem to be snookered with closures this week. M6 is closed and A1 is closed too. Usually of late the A50 is closed too! Brilliant planning from Hiways ag again!
Any help will be appreciated.

For current or planned roadworks closures check here :

Anything beyond that what is planned , could most likely be emergency roadworks or incident related.
The info` boards have been out last few days saying MI South Closed J18 to J16 Nightime Closures from the 01st Dec /14 to 03rd Dec inclusive.
Hope that helps :wink:

Thanks, trying to find a way to not go over 4:30 just to get there which is hard work at the moment.
Highways agency should at least give us a chance but I suppose the government are lapping up the extra cash in diesel used following diversions!

Well the extra £15 Billion their going to spend on the roads in the next 5 years has got to come from somewhere :wink:

I bet it will involve a few closures in spending it as well :sunglasses: ,
Maybe daytime closures as well to complete the work in a shorter period of time to keep “everyone happy” rather than closures on, closures off, closures on, closures off :sunglasses:

I can guarantee if that happens some ■■■■■■ will be on saying why don’t they do roadworks at night :sunglasses:

I suppose it’s like closing the railways at/over Christmas the time of least overall demand but there will always be someone moaning about it and the press helping to crank it up a bit with a one sided viewpoint :grimacing:

Oh and as for closing diversion routes when the main routes are closed has been noted at Chief Exec level, whether the local authorities will take any notice when planning their roadworks to avoid it is another thing at the moment.