nigel rice (beverley)

posted earlier asking about them & for some reason its been removed.

I started my driving career working for them, just after getting my class 2, I had no experience and they took me on, i lasted 8 months, I had a bump and they got rid of me, well I say a bump, maybe 2 or 3 :wink:

If you wanna know anymore PM me!

sent you pm potter they cant remove that i hope.

Same as what happened when I asked about Bulmer’s, until Roadtransport net anounced the story then it was unblocked

Rumour, Gossip or just plain old Bull manure

This industry has always been rife with rumours, I have forgotten how many times I have been told in truckstops and cafes over the years that XYZ hauler has gone bust, is in trouble etc and the huge majority are still trading succesfuly today.

This forum and the internet in general is not immune to those rumours, however the problem with the internet is that those rumours hang around, and can be found by many other people. 2-3 people in a Truckstop bar will have little impact. A post on an internet forum can be read by many more people.

If you want to post “Gossip” then please ensure it is based on more than " I overheard,"or “a driver told me”, do a little research before making a public statement about a companies position.

If you have some information about a company but cannot verify it, but are convinced it has some element of truth, then you can always Private Message me and I will look into the rumour via RBI’s many industry contacts and let you know as soon as possible what I have found out and advise wether it can be posted publicaly

We will remove any gossip that is found to have no foundation in truth, to protect us,the poster and the company concerned. valid requests for information on a company will be removed temporarily and researched as far as we can and the results posted. Repeated questions on the same subject will be removed as well. and the poster refered back to the original.

If you have “New Factual Information” that can be verified then by all means post a new topic or add a reply to the original.