NFT in my area are constantly advertising (by themselves and through an agency) for class 1 drivers.

Does anyone have any info about them?

no freight today :laughing: :laughing: i here they can’t keep drivers very long,up here anyway,most likely due to the wages they pay, :wink:

It’s a chase your rear end off type job to max hours with not great pay, according to one of their drivers I spoke to recently (I assume it’s the Crick depot your talking about?) Having said that, the agency lads seem quite happy with it, well I would be if I were on agency dosh and maxing my hours reguarly.



Liberace, it’s the Alfreton depot that I was talking about. It’s irrelevat now as I have just had an email back from the agency saying they need 2 years experience. I get the feeling I’m going to reach that brick wall quite a bit.
Thanks, anyway.