NFT Distribution/Agency

Does anybody have any information about NFT based in Alfreton.

I have spoken to two agencies (YPD and Driving Edge) who supply drivers to NFT. Both want drivers to start straight away and offer similar rates.

Any info on NFT or either of these two agencies might save me wasting my time.

It may be of no help to you but I used to backload out of there for Exel to Sherburn,and the only thing I can remember is you don’t get your own motor,and most of them seen to go non stop,so be sure to check everything before you leave,and report as necessary.

But their units are fairly recent and I think their on contract fron Salford van hire,so maintenance shouldn’t be a problem.

I used to work for YPD on the NFT contract, they get most of the work out of Alfreton. The last spell I had was about 12 months ago. The work is simple, and you are always kept legal, Decent kit anything wrong defect it and it gets fixed.

The lads at YPD have changed since I was there but apparently they have got better, the bloke I was run by was a [zb]. All different start times for what ever you require. You used to get changed runs alot but that doesn’t happen too often now (better manager, the last one didn’t like me cos I had worked for them under a different manager and I knew more about the work than he did).

I will admit that if I went back on agency work then I would go back to YPD.

Hope that helps


You of all people, Steve? L. :wink: