Next Emergency

I am Woundering.
I leave and Work in Uk
I had to learn English,and i must learn theres Culture,the art to do
Each Brite has to do it wherever he ls
Each Ire has to do to stay in UK or somewhere in the World

But,most imigrant in UK build there own State in UK with theres Culture,Language,Food,Tradition.
In Westlondon know i just a few Englander who leaves with imigrants,and they have to take theres Culture.

And exactly is it that what makes the Danger,as i see it,as British Gouverment has not that knowledge of theres doing as they need to run a City with 8 Milion People.
Over Month anoyed i offices at beginning to get registered and get a Photo ID.
Not possible in UK.
Just when i thought,i got it,be registered,came the Shock in art of a Bill for Counceltax of a House where i rent a Room.
To got that clear needed a few Month more.
To get a Securence Clearence is so good as unpossible,but many Security Officer you get who anoy you,as they say a Imigrant in you.
Now will they not make a Register Office like all other Eu-States with posibility to get for a few pount a Photo Id.
No,You may have to get a Photo ID with your Fingerprint and Eyescan,as the EU has planed to run a registeroffice in Den Haag,where all Details from all European People will be stored.
Could my tell someone if that is a logical action?
In Question is now,how your Personal Details will be handled.
At now were it ilegal to do it to a register office abroad,but,if they do it in an Action of Emergency of Terrorarlarm will it look as if it were legal,and i must ask what i have to think about Politicians and Officer who go that Way with my Personal Details on … indexe.htm