Ok I’ve got a delivery in the usk area then newport picking up either soya/maize/wheat/pk/wheat feed cant actuly remember what it was, I am assuming it’s from the docks but anyone know the name of firm or directions please :slight_smile:

If we’re talking Newport Wales I’ve seen grain wagons down on the trading estate near the Transporter Bridge. I can’t remember the name of the road but you could Google Gibbons bakery Newport, which is close by.

sorry yes Newport south wales I’ve had a look but cant see what im after :frowning:

Newport Docks are signposted from the M4. Come down the A449, keep in the left lane approaching the Coldra island, take the A48 loop road around the city and just keep following the signs.

Link here includes a plan of the docks and directions;

If you’re coming from the north & delivering to Usk be aware there’s a 7.5t weight limit on the A472 from the A449 (Usk exit), you’ll need to take the A40 to Abergavenny then down the A4042 toward Pontypool.

A bit late but cheers for the info in the end didn’t have to do either.