Newly Restored F16

It took a considerable ammount of money, time and hard work but me and my father have finally finished restoring an F16 6x4 150 ton low cab.

Before -

After -

We know that Heavy Haul Chelmsford owned her before us but if anyone a any information about the history of the vehicle I would love to know about it. Its registration is G791 SVM and was manufactured in 1990.

Very nicely done, looks great.

Very nice, well done to the both of you

Good job well done. Nice colours.

hell thats smart want my own f16 but want a globetrotter 4x2 or6x2. how long did it take to restore.

It took about 3 months to restore to this condition. The outside is mostly done but theres a bit to be done on the inside. It needs a new dash, 2 seats, carpet and panels.

so you putting her work or is she just for show

Awesome looking truck, be sure to post some pics before and after of the interior.

The plan is to do a bit of local work and showing with her.

Excellent job!!! The colour scheme is perfect :sunglasses:

f16 with a stack up the back of the cab nice one bet it sounds great :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: looks like a top motor :sunglasses:

thats one great looking motor. well done to you both

very nice…i have to say i’d have cut it in half :open_mouth: and made it into a nice wrecker…i could have the full set then…f10/f12 and an f16. :laughing:
will be nice to see it out working. :smiley:

That is stunning! love it!

Brilliant job, a real eye popper! Well done!

stuart fair play to you an your dad that is a stunning truck all the best wit it.

That truck used to be MOT’d and serviced by CVR (Purfleet) Ltd in Purfleet Essex, used to see it there often, together with a 4x2 from the same company.


Sorry, and by the way, the restored item looks beautiful!

Although it always struck me how clean it was in its original state.



I dunno if you’ve seen my comments on Big Lorry Blog but I’ll repeat the general thread here.

It was in regular service around Essex until very recently usually pulling a swan neck lowloader trailer could have even been this one.

They bought a tidy looking FH last year? Early this year? presumably to replace it. The reg is I’m sure 50YR / 80YR to celebrate their 50 / 80 or whatever years in the business. Mostly the F16 would be moving CFA piling rigs. They seem to keep the motors tidy and I reckon they’d be pleased to see the pictures and could probably give you more info on it. They also had / still might have a LHD F12? wrecker.

Heavyhaul (Chelmsford) Ltd, Ongar Road, Cooksmill Green, Chelmsford
01245 248577

Superb job on the restoration.

I seen your comments on big lorry blog 8wheels but wasnt quite sure how to reply to them??

Anyway thanks alot for for the info, much aprciated. The truck was very clean and straight when we bought it with very little rust on the cab.

Also everyone else who commented thanks for you appreciation.