Newly Passed Driver seeking class 2 work

Hi can anyone help or know any companies that are taking on newly qualified driver around newark/worksop/mansfield? I am trying to get a contact number for dhl which are situated in knowhow premises in newark. I heard they are looking for drivers but cannot find the number for it or any agencies that are provides drivers for them, anyone who works there or know the number then the information will be much appreciated. Thank You.

Agencies, unfortunately, are probably your best bet. When I passed class 2, the only work I could find with being a new driver was agency work. Going around various different haulage firms with your cv won’t hurt though.

I’d see if you have any Brakes, Palmer & harvey or 3663 depots in the area. I know they take new drivers on in the south so probably the same nationally.

Milestone recruitment supply dhl in west mids

Taylors at Huthwaite are normally a good bet. Try Michells, Stanton Hill as well. Or get your CE and get work straight away with Sports Direct.

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Brakes at Grantham if its not too far might be worth a shot, I have no idea whether they need any experience or not but because its multi-drop to the food service industry I would guess they struggle to get or keep drivers. Saying that my mate worked there for a bit and said Grantham is pretty good, a lot of days was only between 4 and 8 drops.

Also worth trying Sports Direct at Shirebrook, They’ve been advertising most of the year for both Class 1 and Class 2 drivers and the advert stated new drivers/no experience welcome. If you can’t get in direct with either company then most agencies round the area deal with them if you want to go that way.