Newer software (digi tacho) prices?

Have any of you found any good deals to have the newer software’d tacho fitted ? Volvo want about £550 plus your old unit is there anywhere that will do it for less,I’ve had the digi for 12 months now and am sick of it giving me 2 mins drive time every time I stop n start


You could try stoneridge direct or Siemens Vdo direct just look on the websites. Think they are pricey, I wouldn’t bother personally.

I ran with one of our motors with analogue tacho a few times,same leaving time same job and same return time I had done 40 mins more driving according to my tacho and that was on a good day with not so many stop starts 40 mins don seem a long time but that could get me home on some occasions or to he job which could always help

In my opinion, when you take the tax relief off the £550 plus factor in the 2 year warranty you’ll get with it if Volvo fit it and the time the new software will gain you, I’d go for that one.


Ford & Slater in Leicester were doing a deal of £500 fitted

I’ll see if I can get Kettering Volvo to match that…