Newcastle Utd

Anyone know if there is a goods in entrance (which can acommodate an artic) at St James? Got some seating to drop off in the morning. Thanks.

“Sits and awaits all the NUFC jokes”


You coming in from the south? Off the A1 - A184, over the Redheugh Bridge?

Through all the traffic lights along St James Boulevard.

At the end where you can see the ground, I think you’ll need the rear entrance…

At the last traffic lights where it left or right turn only, turn left (in the middle lane if you’re in an artic), miss the first lights straight after that go along the front of the stadium, carry on only about 120 yards, then turn right at the next ones into the side entrance that goes round the back…

I think that is where all the big stuff goes…

I’s stick a google map link but not sure how to… :blush:

Awe you’re delivering to st jame…i mean Arena Swimwear | Goggles, Swimsuits, Trunks | Sports Direct are ye, catchy :laughing:

You’ll probably be delivering into that huge empty place near to the managers office.

Iirc they call it “the trophy room” . :smiley: