Hi looking for a bit of advise.

Am in process of doing Class 2. I want to do it then get out there and gain some experience before doing class 1 however a lot of my family are advising me to do Class 1 straight after class 2. Is work easier to find with both?


Me personally I did my C+E within 3 months of doing my class c , as I had fresh training still built in from my c training , yer I would go for it if you have the finances , I looked on the philosophy of if I walk in to a company and you only have your class c but they have a fleet of mixed rigids and artic’s , you can only drive the rigids , walk in with your class 1 and you’ll be more appealing to a TM , this of course taking aside not having any experience , but with your class 1 doors may open for you , I walked in to a local company not long after doing my class c first thing the TM asked me was did I have my class 1 , there’s your answer,I’m sure others will agree , go for it if you can afford to do it , all the best m8 in the future and remember stay away from brokers when booking your training , Pete will be along to give you sound advice , regards Tom

I would go for it as when I passed my CE it opened a lot more door as some only have CE vehicles so it would open that door

I was asked if I would be prepared to drive anything else other than CE my replie was does it have wheels is it road legal will you pay me then that is the answer so dont be afraid to drive anything else as it might just be the key to getting that job

There is 1 company local to me will start you off on Cat C then move you up to CE if have that licence as they wan t to see if you can do the job & are comftable with driver hours

Hi. My advice, for what it’s worth is this. If you have a job lined up for CAT C, why spend money on CE? But if you’re going out into the job market you are more employable with C and CE. A mixed fleet operator will find you particularly attractive as he can start you on CAT C and use you for fill-in on CE.

If you go straight to CE you are still in learning mode. If you get some experience on C before you go for CE you have experience plus bad habits!

There is no straightforward answer but I tend to lean towards doing it straight away provided you don’t get into debt for it.

Hope this helps a little, Pete :laughing: :laughing:

Cheers for the replies, medical booked so hopefully will be good to go soon!

Quick queston, can i book my theroy tests now or doi need to wait till after medical?