Hello all.
Ive been looking around the site for a few weeks now so I thought it was time to say hello.
Im soon to be 38 & from liverpool. I have been doing work on building sites & in factories for the last few years.
Finally got the funds together to get my lgv licence so had medical & got my licence back & theory test is booked for 13th august. (Following advice on here I also ticked cat d on the d2 form but it came back with just cat c entitlement. Ah well)
Im gonna go & visit some of the training schools in the coming weeks.
I have a question on initial cpc.
When booking my theory test online there was no option to book the case studies module. Does that mean I dont need to do it?i passed my car test in 1996.
If I dont need to do module 2 (or 4) will I have 5 years from passing my test to do the 35 hours periodic cpc or will the september 2014 deadline apply.

Hi and welcome.

As you hold a full C1, you dont need Mods 2 and 4. The expiry of your grandfather rights is Sept 2014 so you will need to complete 35 hours of periodic training between now and then. You dont have to wait till you’ve passed CAT C. You could do it next week for instance.

Really pleased to hear you’re visiting trainers. Please don’t book anything until you’ve visited and satisfied yourself of their quality.

The only exception to this is booking on rock solid recommendation.

The very best of luck with it all. Please ask whatever questions you like - the silly one is the one you dont ask!

Pete :laughing: :laughing:

Thanks for the welcome.
I thought that was the case with the 2014 deadline, good to have it confirmed though.
I didnt know I could start it now. I’ll look into it. adr was on my to do list so i may bring it forwards.
I was hoping I could do mods 2 &4 anyway to get the 5 years. Is that possible?
I imagine if u pass a few days before the deadline it will be a bit of a rush to do the 35 hours periodic.

No, you cant do Mods 2 and 4 as the booking system knows you dont need it.

You could arrange your ADR . I believe that’s worth 21 hours of periodic training. Make sure the course is accredited for driver cpc (it may not be).

Some of us trainers can also offer you driver cpc credits for “normal” driver training ie C1 to C and C to CE. In my case, you would get 28 hours of periodic training. If you had done the ADR then this is pretty useless except for the first 14 hours. This would then give the total 35 hours without sitting in a classroom which is the dread of most drivers.

Depending on your plans, you could do ADR (21hrs) and C1 to C (14hours). If you were to wait until Sept 2014 you could then do C to CE and collect 14 hours towards that 5 year period (Sept 2014 - Sept 2019). An alternative is to complete the C and CE, collect 28 hours. Then do 1 classroom course (maybe tachos would be an idea). That’s your 35 hours in the bag. Then do ADR after Sept 2014 which will give you 21 hours towards the 2014-2019 period. That leaves you just 14 hours to do during that 5 years.

Hope that helps and doesn’t confuse.

Pete :laughing: :laughing:

The folk I trained with put my cat C training on the database as 14 hours vocational training. Then the same for my C+E, I did an extra day with them (about £60) and bingo, all sorted until 2019

Thanks for the replies
I wasnt aware the actual driving courses can count towards the 35 hours periodic training.
I plan on doing cat c, then c&e straight aftetwards, so if I can get the hours counted towards the cpc then thats a bonus.
Thats another question to ask at the training schools then.
Thanks again

If the training school does have the C and CE practical training approved for periodic dcpc then doing 2 to 1 will get more dcpc hours

1 to 1 over 5 half days with test on day 5 is a max of 14 hours
2 to 1 over 5 full days with test on day 5 is a max of 28 hours
when not driving on 2 to 1 the trainees are still considered to be learning which is why its doubled

Not many schools have this approved dcpc course

Re your cat D provisional - simply send off another D2 form with licence right now and you will get it because the recent medical will count for it - the medical remains valid for it for a certain time period which I think is 3 months but not certain of that

Hi there Ian!

Welcome onto the forum. I just wanted to wish you luck with all your upcoming training. Don’t forget to post a training diary to keep us all up to date with your progress, and most of all…try and enjoy the experience too! :sunglasses: