Newbie trying to get fermiliar with trucks

hi guys might seem daft but im trying to find some good interior images of the scania G230 its the truck im going to be training in and im a little apprehensive so i want to get these printed out and put about my home so i get familiar and its one less issue and im hoping i will get used to where every thing is in the cab also any insites on the scania opticruise fitted to this model many thanks

Afternoon Ninja.

If I am correct in thinking, the opticruise on the Scania is like a mix between auto and manual.

You still have a clutch but flick a knob to D for drive, N for neutral and R for reverse. You need to bring the clutch up to the bite to drive but once your moving you no longer need to use the clutch unless you need to come to a complete stop. It also gives you a bit more control reversing.

Regarding familiarisation of the interior, your instructor should give you and introduction to the pilot area , as such. So I wouldn’t let it worry you to much.

All the best on your training. Keep us updated on how it goes

Sinclair 89 has answered correctly. I would only add that it’s not the easiest vehicle to learn on.

Pete :laughing: :laughing:

so its an auto with a clutch why would you do that surly thats an added bug bear, im guessing its to save wear on the gearbox but that sounds very confusing to drive

I drive one at my place. Took a little while to get used to, not a big fan as I can’t feel the bite as well as I can in a straight manual.

A regular problem is folks forgetting to use the clutch to stop. Because it’s neither manual or auto, it can take a bit of getting used to. It has to be said that it’s a pleasant drive once you’re used to it.

To me, the concentration in remembering to declutch on stopping partially outweighs the benefits of the auto box.

The Opticruise was chosen by some trainers as it, strangely, satisfied the rules saying that a test vehicle had to have at least 8 forward gears. And it was the best option at the time to make life easy. But now the rules allow fully auto, I cant see the point in Opticruise.

But this is just my opinion based on my experience of training on both fully auto and Opticruise.

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It’s a good system if you do a lot of slow speed manoeuvres as it gives you the control of a manual vehicle. There’s so many fully auto boxes that struggle to give you low speed control - with the more rudimentary boxes it was all or nothing.

As Pete says, it’s embarassing when you come off a 3 hour drive to a motorway junction and forget you need to use the extra pedal.

auto boxes that struggle to give you low speed control - with the more rudimentary boxes it was all or nothing.

Absolutely the case with some of the earlier offerings! But I will defend the performance of our new autos. Drivers who haven’t got particularly good clutch control have their issues instantly solved.

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I don’t see the point of using it in the first place. Why bother having to use a clutch on an auto?

I love mine. Was offered a choice of boxes (full, semi, or manual) on my new truck, and picked the 3 pedal opticruise. Once you get used to it, it’s easy as pie.

I’m doing class 1 in a 3 pedal Opticruise and I find it to be quite a good idea, you get the control of a manual setting off and maneuvering but the comfort of an auto when driving along. It was strange at first remembering to dip the clutch when stopping but you soon get used to it

so all i can find is that there is a clutch pedal with an auto box is that the only thing i have to think about while im learning ive been reading scanias info on it and it talks about all kind of stuff that i dont think i need to worry about.

I hated my optiecruse or as I call it a hybrid as it dont know if it want to be an auto or a manual

Have know drivers me included to forget to dip the clutch when stopping & stall them :blush: :blush: