Newbie to umbrella, im gone!

Hi guys, been driving for an agency the last couple of months and I feel ive had my pants pulled down, the £9 per hour seemed ok but over the weeks after trying to understand my online wage slips ive decided to leave the agency as I think its a total rip off to pay someone to fiddle your expenses for there own benefit and having to pay them £26 a week to do it is taking the ■■■■, they even conned me on my overtime rate thinking I wouldnt notice (strange how when they mess up its always in their favour). I think we should all put an end to these umbrella scams. Shame as I really like the job in general but theres no way im working 55 hours + a week to fund these legal tax dodgers lifestyles, why the government allow it is beyond me and it just shows how messed up our country is, anyone agree or am I missing the point? Rant over, I feel better now!

Most “big” companies use Umbrellas as well now.

Bidvest/3663 and Knights of Old use Umbrella companies for sure currently.
For Bidvest/3663 it’s called “Agency” HLS Contract, for Knights of Old it’s JSA ( )

I mean - if you send your application for them - to their website or e-mail or advertisement watewaa, after interview etc you end up working for Umbrella…

Ask to go PAYE or go self employed & do all tax etc yourself

Yeah I thought about getting my own accountant as it would work out alot cheaper.
I was working for driver hire who use ‘driver hire umbrella’ so my guess is no work would come my way if chose to move away from umbrella. Gonna knock a few doors monday and try and find a permanent job. I have no problem at all with driver hire or agencies in general its just id rather get soaked than use a brolley :frowning:

Remember whats written on very first page of Driver Hire contract/paper watewaa that thing is you need to fill when applying with them first timew - that page with 3, 4 or so parts with text and 3 lines at the bottom for date print sign watewaa…

Remember that page every time when vehicle stops :smiley: