Newbie saying hello

Good evening all,

Im Euan from Aberdeen. I joined this evening after hearing this is a great forum to get info and tips.

I have my class 2 since may 2016 and will be doing my class 1 in a couple weeks.

Im currently doing weekend hgv work for a well know haulage firm in Aberdeen and I currently work for an oil and gas service company full time.

Im looking at the possibility of going full time as a hgv driver so looking to seen what I can find here.

Anyway hello from me.



Hi Euan,
Welcome to the madhouse lol,anything you need to know ask away plenty of advice and help on here,
And the occasional rude joke or tale lol

Welcome mate, and my advice is to hang about reading threads for a while before you do anything.
Plenty have entered this industry and wanted back out ASAP! :laughing:

As already said, lots of information, help and advice here, along with a few clowns. :wink:
What a lot of Newbies don’t understand when entering, are the hours you can, and are often expected to work…

Best of luck! :smiley:

Thanks to you both.

Welcome to the forum can’t really add much to what the 2 real helpful guys above have put but I’ve gained plenty out of all these top fellas on here and will help where I can. Good luck with the class 1. Ryan