Newbie option in the transport industry

I see lots of adverts in the papers and on the back of vans that say owner drivers needed on multidrop parcel vans.
Allocated area.You load the van.Plan the route.Pick up the collections.Some firms help out with the van finance and insurance and maybe a fuel card.
Uk mail and Fed Ex seem to after owner drivers and City Link.
You would get experience and see the country.

… Allocated area. …

OK Toby, we’re all with you so far. :smiley:

… and see the country.

How can you “see the country” whilst working in an “Allocated area??” :confused: :confused: :confused:

Do you mean… see the allocated area perhaps? :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

I looked at this possibility a year or two back.

I also know a guy who runs 25 vans on next day delivery stuff. 12 of his own and 13 self-employed sub-contractors with their own vans. He prefers the subbies because he makes more money out of them and, when work is short, they are the ones who are idle.

I know which group I would rather be in.

Postcode allocated routes can be up to 100 or more drops per day and colkections to bring back to base too.Sounds a lot but there could be 30 drops in an area with three industrial estates nearby.
Seeing the country remark was aimed at long distance or European van work.

toby if you got ur own van, then try crown courier, we have got some van driver working at night and they go all over the country, and they are making 800 a week pounds from warrington to Southampton, etc, and if u get a return load for 80 to 100 pounds u are sorted with ur fuel. Not all the time they get load back, But if they get back from soton to manchester their fuel is saved, but its all a gamble, some of them driver even asked me to get a van and they have got an aberdeen run, Now i am not gonna leave my permanent job and do that, and by the next year when we gonna move to burtonwood, i think company wont be using courier vans for delivery when their truck fleet can take the next day delivery, Good Luck,

They must earn good money as when enquire about working for parcel multi drop firms as an owner driver they ask for a VAT number as the earnings go over the allowance for personal gain.

dont do i. its not what you think and it will be a franchise for sure