New Wannabe Driver / Chevron Training (Flint)

Hello all, fairly newly registered guy here to the forums, although did browse it a fair amount pre-registration and must say have found it very useful!

Im into the idea of going for my Cat C License (Age 24, no experience whatsoever) and with the help of Nolgvbrokers came across Chevron Training in Flint as my nearest reputable trainer, just over half an hours drive away from where i live.

As recommended I paid the centre a visit to enquire a little and possibly see the trucks, everyone i spoke to was super helpful and the main man there even sat me in one of the training lorrys and had a little chat with me. As this was the first centre I had gone and visited first hand he recommended that i visit at least another one so that I have at least a basis to draw comparisons between, which I intend to do.

I suppose the reason for this post is just to see if anybody out there had themsleves used Chevron Training to get their license and if so, what was their opinion of their time there / the centre and would they recommend that i use them? (As it stands they are my current first choice)

Thanks in advance for any feedback i may receive,


I’ve no personal experience of Chevron Training but I’ve read good things about them, they seem to have a very good reputation as a training company.

You wont go far wrong with Chevron. Say hello for me.

Pete :laughing: :laughing:

100% recommended

From what has been said on here you won’t go far wrong going there

BTW John is on here