New TN "Help" function available

I am under the impression the old timers section stalwarts seem to have adopted to the new look new software better than some of the younger members…

I’m pleased to see there are those “old timers” (not sure how old you need to be to qualify for that label) who have persevered and are gleefully posting away. The forum needs a blend of the old and the new.

Those younger ones who haven’t stayed the course have probably been seduced by Insta, Tik Tok, Twitch, and other platforms where you just post a video of yourself, rather than having to type out all these pesky words.

FB still makes me laugh: people post “ya” to save the effort of the extra letter needed to say “you”, then add a pointless seventeen emojis to a five-word post.

I joined Instagram simply to keep in touch with Fran’s only family member who was willing, or able, to keep in touch but she thinks she’s still on FB

Couldn’t find her so forgot about it and this morning got an alert. All it was was loads of people I don’t know posting videos of themselves. I shut it down again.

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It’s funny you know,.I’ve never thought of myself as an ‘old timer’, even if to some I must be.
I aint started dressing like my Dad yet at least.:smile: and on posirive side I am very often told I look younger than I actually am.
My two lads say ‘By the time you start realising and acting your age Dad it will be too bloody late’‘…they mean it in a nice way btw…I think.:joy:
Been out for a few pints with one of my lads and his mates a couple of tines,.and he tells me they say…‘Where’s yer Dad tonight, you should bring him out with us more often,.he’s a good laugh’’ which I take as a compliment.
Maybe they are just being polite…who knows.:smile:
I really do need to curb myself sometimes in potential confrontations with younger and fitter blokes,.as in my head I’m still 30.:roll_eyes:
In fact one of my mates same age still works ‘on the doors’,.I’ve told him, I lost interest in all that cack when they started supplying stab vests to door staff ffs .:flushed:
Anyway my Mrs keeps me in check if I overstep the mark when we are out, she reminds me.:joy:…she hates any confrontation.

As for the teccy side of life…not too great, but I get by on a what I need to know only basis…it’s more a case of lack of interest rather than lack of ability.

My Dad who is now 86 and looks nowhere near that incidentally, (an ex submariner who can still swim a few lengths of tge baths )is really tech savvy, and self taught,.so I think age has very little to do with it tbh.

Facebook?..Not on it.
Number of reasons, low tolerance of d/heads for starters, but also I led an ‘active’ younger life as a resident holiday camp DJ, last thing I need is somebody looking me up, and a 35 ish something knocking on my door saying…‘Dad’? :worried::joy:

Tick tock? Not a scooby, sound of a clock as far as I know.

So really Trucknet is my only form of social media,… and I dont even come on that as often since the advent of the new format, unless something that floats my boat comes up on it…or to wind up.and argue with my old mate Frangers.:joy:

Robroy, the epitome of the old adage…
Growing old is compulsory,
Growing up, optional. :rofl: :wink:

Yep, nice one.:joy:
The thing with me is my mind still thinks I’m 30, but my body thinks my mind is an effin idiot.:joy:

You think you might be old? Have a thought for me, only 4 years younger than your Dad. :astonished: :rofl:

If you are anything like my Dad, it shouldnt bother you.
Even I wouldnt tangle with him.:joy:

Sounds like I am then, as it doesn’t. Apart from the knees every time I get up from this chair, with 2 lively dogs to walk I get plenty of exercise. :joy: