New Pass HGV Vacancies

Hi there!

New to the forum as I passed my C+E license a couple of weeks ago. Cannot find anyone taking on New Passes. I live in the South Yorkshire/West Yorkshire region. Does anyone know anywhere that is hiring new passes? Spent 2 weeks applying with no luck.

Thanks in advance

You might want to look at the reply I gave to someone else in your situation. You will probably need to be more proactive than just filling in application forms

I suppose it is supply and demand, if there are enough experienced drivers ready to work, why would anybody choose an inexperienced driver?

When I passed my car test in 1962 in the morning I went round to the Coop pop factory and got a job driving a lorry the same afternoon.

Before I came to live in France in the late '90s I wrote to around a dozen or so companies and non of those who replied had any vacancies, supply and demand, why would they choose an Anglo, who presumably had more experience on right hookers, than a local who’d been sitting on the left?

Eventually one day as I was coming out of a shop in the village a man I vaguely recognised came across the road towards me with his hand outstretched. His name was Paul Gauthier and he said if I was still looking come round to the office this afternoon and I will give you a start.

Demand and supply. :wink: Just keep banging away at them and eventually you will find find someone who needs you. Bon courage. :smiley:

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Hi, im in the same situation. Live in west wales, passed class 1 bout 4 months ago. Been applying non stop for every job going from here to Bristol and Midlands. Been for 3 interviews. Been told different stories regarding going onto agencies etc. hard to know what to do! Applied for bout 20 Gregory jobs. Any advice or info would be appreciated.

If you are not currently in employment I’d get in touch with as many agencies as you can find in the area, whilst also visiting local haulage firms to try your luck.

If you are in employment, I’d just keep plugging away and something will come along soon enough I’m sure.

Would always recommend going knocking on doors with a sensible(short) CV in hand. This industry likes to put a face to a name, and have a chat. They might not have a vacancy for a C+E but might offer you something else to get you started.
Good Luck-we’ve all been where you are!

From what I see here and on FB, I get the impression there’s a load of new pass Class 1’s, most likely car-to-artic, who think that’s what they should be aiming for. If you get a start on 7.5 tonners that’s not unusual, and not to be sniffed at. One guy earlier today was describing how after no luck with Class 1’s he’d “had to settle for a class 2 job” :roll_eyes:
I’d suggest newbies need to be realistic

not quite sure where you are exactly but if your prepared to travel to Bristol… there is a dairy at chwilog between criccieth and pwllheli that apparently are always hiring. There are also builders merchants in porthmadog that aren’t chains that i have seen trotting about places if memory serves.

on the porthmadoc bypass there is a quarry as well

Must admit I’m surprised by this. Must be an area thing?
Plenty of places around Manchester willing to take on new passes.

Poundland usually take on new starters if there’s a depot near you
Worst case builders merchants usually take on new pass drivers and jewsons will put you through your hiab or they used to few years back. Granted not class 1 work but . But it gives a a chance to get to use a tacho driver a large truck gain some experience which all looks good on your CV for class 1 applications

Cheers all for help and advice. Yeah im driving 7.5 ton now, delivering ■■■■ Chinese furniture to unsuspecting peeps! The places we go with these daf trucks beggars belief sometimes!! I would happily drive to bristol if it meant starting my working week, ie tramping for 4 days. Im based over in pembrokeshire so bristol and midlands are around 3 hours away. Will look into Poundland thanks

Yeah, we’ve all been in that situation :smile: Tight streets with lots of parked cars I bet. Just take your time, try not to stress. And if you have a PITA second-man, use him as a banksman and don’t let him be the source of your stress.

Im not stressed. Just want to progress. Love the way insurance companies control things!

Your right though, who yer working with is the point of stress, which can continue throughout the day

@Andypandy1971 sorry the ones i suggested aren’t any good for you. If i were you i would go round all the haulage companies in Swansea and Cardiff. Sign up with as many agencies as possible.

Is there no port work out of fishgaurd

It has always been the same,.even since the Middle Ages when I started.:joy:
Shows up the true state of the supposed ‘driver shortage’ eh?

Have you tried the smaller outfits as opposed to the up their own arse ‘Logistical Solutions’ type crew?

When I ran a few trucks I never gave general enquiring phone calls (or in those days letters) a second thought…especially from newbies.
It was the lads who had got off their arses to rock up to my yard, and who made both an effort and a good impression who I gave chances to, most were ok, some were not.

ONE guy with 5 trucks did the same for me at 20, when others would not entertain me, and I have never forgot him, he gave me a start tramping on a Transit pick up! :flushed: would you believe?..
Best way to start, you learned the road network and it was much easier to turn around if you ■■■■ ed up :joy: I learned my way through London from all directions pre M25 pre sat nav, so when I got on to bigger stuff the job was sussed.:sunglasses:
How ya doing Trevor (Brown) if you are reading this.:smile: I’m still tramping today but not on a pick up.:joy:

Anyway mate, take the good advice on the thread and good luck.

Fishguard traffic is down since Brexit.

Traffic for UK delivery is still using the route but land-bridge traffic has decreased as direct Eire/France ferries have increased.

Try Produce Carriers like Freshlinc, Freshservice, and other farm collection outfits.
They pay bottom rates, but around here - WILL take on new passes, albeit via agencies who will obviously also need to waive that common rule “must have 2 years experience to sign up with us”…

During the lockdown, agency work shut down, and I was left with a big mortgage to pay, and no ZHC work at all.
I turned up at Parsonage Lane depot, and got offered a ZHC directly employed contract working early doors @ Weekends - during the lockdown itself.
This did me for the time, as I was earning low enough for the Mrs to qualify for Universal Credit as well.

what company is down there.

I meant don’t stress when you find yourself in a hard-to-get-around road situation