New owner/operator/driver

Hi guys (and girls)

My names Steve & I am a new to truck driving… I have been running a same day courier business since 2005 and decided to complete my operators CPC so I could get a truck to add to my tiny fleet of 2 vans!

I successfully passed that in March and I have since passed my CAT C and drivers CPC. I have just been granted my Operators licence and I bought my first 18 tonne truck yesterday and should hopefully be on the road with it sometime next week.

I look forward to reading the many comments on here and getting some good advice. I’m 34 so I reckon I have a lot to learn of some of you more experienced drivers.



There is an OWNER AND FLEET OPERATORS FORUM (INTERACTIVE) which may help you further

Hi Steve, A very nice post. Well done and good luck.

As an owner/operator you’ll find lots of helpful people in the Owner and Fleet Operators Forum

Good luck with your new venture :wink: