New look for the PDF

If all goes well with the final testing, from tomorrow the main Professional Drivers Forum will have a new look, branded to a major new sponsor for the forums.
We know change is never liked so this thread is for all the comments on the new look, and also to highlight any technical problems you may notice.
It is not a thread to “have a go” at the sponsor, or us for taking on a new sponsor and such comments will be deleted without warning.

be warned the new colour scheme is brighter than your used to, but also be happy its not Orange, as we all know how well that went down :slight_smile:

Oh no… :cry:

Could it be? :open_mouth: :laughing: :laughing:

Rob K has a ■■■■■ about the potential moaning he can do already

The thread lists are all jumbled; Is it a technical fault or is down to the Isle Of Wights’ hit and miss wifi signals?

Showing fine to us, can you screen shot and post the image to show what you mean

I am also finding the order of the replies are getting mixed up and not following in chronological order. Cannot do screen shot, and it may only be me.

It’s not every thread. And the same thread will correctly show later.

That’s a strange one, will ask the tech crew to see if they know of why it may be happening -
Is it only on the new look forum or does it happen elsewhere?
if anyone experiencing this can screenshot and post it, it would help a lot