New job for a relative newbie

Well I passed my cat c in feb 2011 and cat c+e in feb this year ( with the excellent pstt :wink: )
Have been driving tippers and more recently ro/ro skip truck , then after passing c&e the boss had me on arctics a couple of days a week … This suited me fine until the artic work went a bit quiet so no artic driving for the past 2 weeks :frowning:
Anyway on Thursday in the local paper I spotted a small advert for artic drivers on timber transport , crane experience desireable ,
Ok no crane experience but I give the number a Ring anyway …
Spoke to the guy and explained my current situation , he says come and see me Saturday anyway to cut out the boring bit he rang me Sunday pm and said the jobs mine if I want it !

Anyway I start next Monday. :grimacing:

Round timber haulage out of the forest to pulping mills / power stations etc
Scania or Volvo unit with tri axle trailer and timber crane …

Bring it on , wish me luck , Cheers mike

Well Done. Let us know how it goes. A pic diary would be cool :slight_smile:

Cheers mate , I will try to get some pics up in due course :wink:
We all like photo diarys :stuck_out_tongue:

Cheers mike