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it seems to me that senior members etc all all sticking together on this.
Why dont we have a poll to see if the members have lost confidence in the team that is running this trucknet uk side.
I have been looking through all the site over the last few days and i get the feeling that certain members can do what they like after all it is about time drivers started sticking together after all this is part of what this site was started for etc.



If you have any issues concerning particular moderators and their actions/ lack of actions, please do not hesitate to contact either the moderator concerned or the Forum Manager (Atkig11) through the private messaging system where we will do our best to answer your queries.

Sorry Tramper to disagree but I think this is much better than the old board.

theres nowt wrong with it,its tried and tested by millions so they cant be wrong !!!

I know its all very new, and that people never like change, but I really dislike this new set up. I find it very difficult to read the new smaller print and everything is far too busy. There are several message boards to which I have an interest, that use the same set up as this, and I have found that I avoid them. It would appear that Trucknet is going to become one of them. Good luck with the new system, give me an Email if you ever change back!