New fella Teesside area

Evening all, this is probably a repetitive post but hope someone can help. Seriously thinking about starting my Lgv training 1&2 with adr,do any members know of any company’s that take on newly qualified drivers around the Teesside area. Any help, pointers and advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks fellas

Containerships at Haverton Hill certainly were doing when I left, although that’s a couple of years back now. It’s easy enough work, short sea containers, and they generally put you out with someone for a bit to learn the ropes first. You can be out all week if you want, or just do days - I was there for 11 years doing various permutations of on nights out of not as my home circumstances changed - and the kit’s pretty good, MANs and Mercs, all well maintained. The only thing to be aware of is they pay mileage rather than hours or salary, something that always suited me but isn’t for everyone. The take home ends up avergae for the area, possibly slightly above if you’re out all week.

Tricia Green is the Transport Manager - 01642 468 592 then ask to be put through. She’s a VERY busy woman so if she sounds a bit sharp don’t take it personally, it’s just that she’s got 150 various drivers and subbies to look after, most of whom will be trying to ring up as well! For all we never really “clicked” on a personal level, Tricia was the best TM I ever came across when it comes to actually getting trucks where they should be, when they should be there, which is why I stayed so long! :wink:

(And no, before someone says it, it is NOT illegal to pay by the mile “as long as drivers are not encouraged to break the law”. ConShips have had close and open ties with what is now DVSA for many, many years and keep a very close eye on the tachos to avoid any trouble with how they pay their staff.)

Website’s here if you’re interested - they’re a shipping line rather than just a haulier, btw:

Thanks for the reply and helpful info Lucy, I will make some enquiries, once again thanks Lucy